Friday, August 10, 2007

About Us

Vegetarian food for the past decade or so has not only become more popular among the older folks but also appeal to the younger age groups as well simply because of the ingenuity of the chefs who have managed to concoct so many varieties, some of which taste really good. Nowadays, the public at large do not consume vegetarian food for just religious reason but for the health aspect as well as the taste.

Song He Home-Cooked Vegetarian House opened its door for business in July 2007 and since then we have received raved reviews and compliments about the fine oasis of dishes served.

At Song He Home-Cooked Vegetarian House, you will get to taste the scrumptious vegetarian food and they are all akin to home-cooked to suit the taste buds of the most discerning of vegetarian food connoisseurs. With a wide array of dishes you will be spoilt for choice and every single one will not disappoint.

Just like home-cooked food, all dishes served at Song He Home-Cooked Vegetarian House, there is no Monosodium Silicate Glutamate (MSG) added and this is one of the reasons why our customers, be they vegetarians or not flock to Song He.

There are Lunch Boxes on offer at Song He besides our fine selection of Set Dinners of both Western and Oriental cuisines, which is a must-try. We also cater for afternoon tea where there is a wide variety of vegetarian snacks being served.

Song He Home-Cooked Vegetarian House, the restaurant where one goes for genuinely excellent home cooked vegetarian fares.

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